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Gold: how we lost 1000 trillion tons of it forever

We fought wars for it, worshipped gods by it and expressed love with it. The beauty, rarity and properties of gold shaped human history over millennia. But Earth was not always depleted in its precious metal. In this article, we examine the untold story behind how we lost 99.9% of […]

Camels: a rainforest animal

They call them the ships of the desert. Without them, the evolution of the Silk Roads to transport goods throughout Central Asia and Arabia would not be viable. Camels are the ideal animal to survive in extreme environments. Where food and water were scarce, the camel thrived. Despite their association […]

Restaurants: their story began with a soup

Restaurants are the trademarks of most countries and cultures. No trip is complete if you haven’t eaten out like a local. Yet the idea of people dining out in Europe was not socially accepted until 200 years ago. The word restaurant derives from the French word restaurer meaning “to restore”. But what […]